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Vampire Pets FAQ's

Kane Coswall
posted this on October 21, 2010, 4:03 AM

Greetings all 
The Vampires are here. I am so excite to introduce these limited edition Pets for the Halloween Season. Get even more Oooky spooky pets for your house. 

Limited Edition Vampire Pets 
Vampire Cat - 62 FBC 

Vampire Dog - 58 FBC 

Vampire Unicorn - 68 FBC 

Vampire Dragon - 68 FBC 

Vampire Bear- 58 FBC 

Vampire Triceratops- 56 FBC 

Vampire Pets 
Vampire Pets changes color from Day to Night (7AM ~ 6:59PM is the white/yellow color. 7PM ~ 6:59AM is the black/red color). The ability to change colors will pass down to offspring if both parents are Vampires. If only one parent has the vampire traits, the offspring has a slight chance of receiving the vampire traits. The Vampire mixbreed offspring's night color will always be Black/Red. The day color will the mix of the parents color at the time of breeding).

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