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Covet Fashion FAQ

Marie Fenton
posted this on June 27, 2013 08:57 AM


A unique mobile experience that allows you to shop & style with real brands, enter fashion challenges & more.

Starting Page:
This is the Home Page.

Looking for inspiration or just want to see other player’s styles? This page is where you can find closet values, style scores and the Most Popular Looks both game wide and your friends.

Tap the Menu button (at the upper left of the screen) to do so much more…


  • My Inbox: You can collect your daily allowance and event rewards here
  • Home: You can find closet values, style scores and the Most Popular Looks both game wide and your friends.
  • Enter Events: Enter Limited Time Events and Jet Set Events to earn cash and win prizes.
  • Vote on Looks: Earn tickets by voting on other players looks
  • Go Shopping: Shop virtual clothes from real brands! Use filters to find what you’re looking for.
  • My Closet: See garments you own and the looks you have created here. You can also view other players’ looks that you have liked here. You can also create looks here without entering events.
  • Fashion Feed: See the newest items in Covet Fashion and read the latest Covet Fashion news and articles.


  • Premium Store:  Purchase Diamonds, Cash and Tickets.
  • Earn Cash: Invite your Facebook friends to Covet Fashion and earn cash when they link their Covet Fashion to Facebook


  • Account Info: Link your Facebook and or Email to Covet Fashion
  • Log Out: Log out of Covet Fashion (Warning, If you log out all progress will be lost. You cannot recover your account unless you link your email or Facebook account to Covet Fashion.
  • Support: Send us your feedback and bug reports.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a look?
Create look by entering an event.

To dress your model tap clothing and accessories on the right side of window.
To remove item tap the item on the right side again or tap undo found under model.
Once your look is completed, tap enter in events.

You can also create no rated looks by visiting “My Closet” in the menu area of Covet Fashion.

What are events?
Events are how you can earn cash and entrance tickets. Events have style requirements to enter. These requirements are listed in the event description. Each event has a fee to enter. The event fee costs Tickets. Event Fee is not paid until you submit your look for the event.

How do I enter events?
You can enter events by looking at the details of a article on the What’s New page or by tapping the Create Looks in your Covet Menu area.

Tap the Fashion event you are interested in to learn more about the event and then tap enter.

When you tap enter you will be able to create your look and customize your models skin and hair. Once you are satisfied with your models look tap submit. If your look does not meet the events style requirement, you will be asked to include the requirement before submitting.

Once you tap submit your entrance fee is charge (tickets) and your model will be available for others to vote on.

How do I judge/vote for looks?
Tap Vote on Looks in your Covet Fashion Menu.
To vote for a look, tap the picture of the look you feel best suits the event.
Once you complete your votes you will earn your reward for voting for the event.

How do I purchase more clothing for my closet?
You can shop for items by reading details from the What’s new page and then tapping shop, by tapping shop in your Covet Fashion menu.
You can also purchase items from your liked looks by tapping Profile in the Covet Fashion menu and then tapping liked looks.

Tap New Arrivals to see the latest pieces available, tap By Brand to shop by brand or you can tap By Type to shop by item type. You can also use the filters found above new arrivals to shop by piece. Tap more to shop by brand, color, patterns, or materials.

When shopping you can tap the item to see a preview image showing you the brand, item name, cost and a cart icon to purchase item as well as popular outfits using the item.  Tap the shopping cart icon to purchase without viewing the preview.

I love my models look! How can I get it for myself?
Covet is unique in the fact that all items in Covet are available for purchase for your own use.
Tap on the item you are interested in to see more details. Tap view online to visit the Brand items store and purchase for yourself!

I liked another player’s look. How do I know what pieces were used?
Visit your profile to see the looks you have liked. Tap on the model to see which pieces were used for her look.
What are Diamonds for?
Diamonds are used to purchase Cash, Entry tickets and event prizes you may not have won.

How do I get more cash, tickets or diamonds?
You receive an allowance that includes tickets.
Earn 500 cash daily by entering the Daily Event, enter limited time events for cash.
Enter Jet Set Events to earn Travel scores. Earn the required Travel score to earn diamonds
You can earn cash and tickets by entering events. You will receive your cash when you enter an event.
You can purchase cash, tickets and diamonds by tapping on one of these icons at the top of your game.

What are Filters and how do I use them?
Using filters is a easy way to locate a specific garment or accessory.
To use the filter while creating a look, tap the menu icon at the right side of the look tabs you.

Here you can search by:

Just tap the filter you wish to use.


How do I share my Look with friends?

To share a look you have created or another players look that you like, Tap the share button. You can save the look to your camera roll. Twitter, Facebook or share via email. 

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